9 March 2011

Andrew Loomis

I love spending my Sunday mornings at car boots - you never know what you are going to find. Often I dont find anything I just end up getting very cold but sometimes I find something really special. I found this original sketch over a year ago - it's by an american illustrator called Andrew Loomis and now it's on my wall.

My New Dog

This is my new dog. He's so cool and much better behaved than my real critter.

6 March 2011


Thought I would post this photo of these lovely ranunculus in this fab orange vase which is part of my collection of cheap car boot finds.

4 March 2011

Ballet Boyz - Torsion pt 1

I love these guys. I have seen them a couple of times at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham - their show is always surprizing with bits of film footage and now that they are getting a little older they have created a new troupe of nine young talented guys. I saw these new dancers perform and yeah they were really good, fresh, exciting but it's not the same as watching these two - dancers that have been doing their craft for over thirty years. I guess practice makes perfect.