26 July 2011

Kinfolk Magazine

I have just discovered a really cool new read called Kinfolk Magazine - it's right up my street so take a look....I'm pretty sure you'll like it too.

25 July 2011


Back from our house swap to Dar Bouazza in Casablanca and this morning's trip to supermarket seemed weirdly exciting. So no supermarkets in Dar Bouazza but a spacious, interesting and quirkily furnished villa complete with pool and affectionate labrador called Rosie. No hire car so we shopped local and took crazy taxi rides which included boys sharing front seat with random passenger. Beach was close by....we were the only tourists on the beach where dress code was modest....guys wore whatever they liked but girl dress was bikini top plus beach shorts and older women wore clothes. So a week of great home cooked food by Asmaa, early morning calls to prayer, cool evenings, dusty roads, french baguettes, melons and a sadness to leave a kingdom unlike my own.