31 August 2011

The Cotswolds Vintage Fair

On Saturday I took my 'Ms Jones' stall to The Cotswolds Vintage Fair in Toddington. It was beautifully organized by Ali Hocking at Betty and Violet who took this shot of my stall before the doors opened to floods of visitors. Thank you Ali:)

10 August 2011

Creature Comforts

This is not going to turn into a doggy blog.... promise. Me and my sofa....I just dont get a look in....if it's not the kids then it's the dog. I like my comfort too but Milo seems to think it's his sofa and those velvet cushions...the moment my back is turned he's in there.

9 August 2011


Meet Juno my new housemate. She's a nine week old Jack Russell, Patterdale terrier cross and inspite of the fact that she has pissed and shat her way around my house she is very cute and very good at escaping from the kitchen where I try to barricade her in at night. Milo likes her too:)


I found these amazing gladioli at the Sunday car boot. I found them on a stall selling homegrown fruit and veg...these two woppers of a bunch only cost £2...I was very happy.

Another Scottie Dog

I decided to give this little fella a post all to himself. He will be at my stall at The Cotswolds Vintage Fair on 27th August:) I'm probably wrong calling him a Scottie....havent contacted the Kennel Club or anything but I guess he's a West Highland Terrier but hey he's Scottish.

Yet More Vintage

Thought you might be missing even more vintage so here are a few of my recent finds to add to my ever growing collection which will be on my Ms Jones stall at the Cotswolds Vintage fair on 27th August 2011.  I found two lovely 1920's paste brooches, another orange cheese dish, a couple of things for blokes ( I feel sorry for them as they tag along to these vintage fairs full of flowery things that the mrs will love but there isnt much guy stuff) a super-slick silver plated bottle opening dolphin and a pair of copper ashtrays/dishes which someone has lifted from a New Dehli hotel. A multi-coloured Murano dish, some beading made of faux pearls which I think would make a fabulous cuff and two liberty print make up bags which remind me of the ones my mum used to have.