9 August 2011

Yet More Vintage

Thought you might be missing even more vintage so here are a few of my recent finds to add to my ever growing collection which will be on my Ms Jones stall at the Cotswolds Vintage fair on 27th August 2011.  I found two lovely 1920's paste brooches, another orange cheese dish, a couple of things for blokes ( I feel sorry for them as they tag along to these vintage fairs full of flowery things that the mrs will love but there isnt much guy stuff) a super-slick silver plated bottle opening dolphin and a pair of copper ashtrays/dishes which someone has lifted from a New Dehli hotel. A multi-coloured Murano dish, some beading made of faux pearls which I think would make a fabulous cuff and two liberty print make up bags which remind me of the ones my mum used to have.

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