17 June 2011

House Swap

yes he is eating pot noodles....can you believe they were on the menu !!!

Cameron was on these waltzers with Jade but they were spinning just so darn fast I kept missing him.

What you dont see in this shot is a kite!

The Marwood Cafe which was brilliantly styled in a crazy sort of way, served bad pot noodles and amazing cakes!!!

Sorry about scarey photo but it was Hallowean

Last October we did a house swap to Brighton just to try out the whole house swapping thing on home soil but last week I was contacted by a family living in Casablanca and would you believe they want to exchange with us for a week in July!!!! Tickets are booked......

10 June 2011


Tonight was India and Jade's Prom....Jade made sure that she and her friends arrived in style...not a pink limo in sight but a super cool double decker bus!

7 June 2011





My brother James is a web designer and an artist so I thought I would show you a few of his paintings. If you have already read my old post 'Chicken Pie' then you will  have seen a photo of him with me and my sister ....I'm the one sporting fur trimmed slippers and he's the one who looks like he's been at the chicken Pie.


Chalkware and More Vintage

I found some more lovely ladies for my Ms Jones stall at The Cotswolds Vintage Fair along with some sparkly paste bracelets, an extremely cute pink ceramic toast rack, another dog in need of a good home and a fab deco pot.