3 December 2010

It's cold outside

It's seriously cold outside. Yesterday I took Milo ...yes I know sounds like the name of a really cute child but in reality belongs to my dog, who can be cute, but yesterday  was very uncute as he disappeared. Heart pounding, I chose to walk on until finally I backtracked carefully following what I thought were Milo pawprints in the snow and low and behold my sister phoned with news that he had found his way back to her house.  What can I say other than it pays to feed dogs massive amounts of sausages during their formative years because this is exactly the secret of my sister's success with my dog and his epic sense of direction at finding her house.

I did take my camera as I was full of great intentions for some cool snow pictures but obviously I became preoccupied with loss of said canine so I only have a few shots from yesterday but in a Blue Peter type way here are some I made earlier this year.....

1 comment:

  1. beautiful shots!!! so glad your little milo has a thing for sausage ;)