20 April 2012

Five years ago

I took these photos five years ago....Cameron is now six foot tall with cropped hair, Jade and India take it in turns to drive home from school, me in the passenger seat trying to" keep calm and carry on" whilst teaching them to drive.....and it's been a long time since the girls have worn matching Boden t-shirts:)


  1. Your children are so beautiful. Justin's oldest (Bianca is 20) just got her drivers license a few weeks ago. It was strange to see her pull up into our driveway for the first time. She is officially a grown up.

  2. beautiful photos! time just keeps going, doesn't it? how do we get them to slow it down? at least just a little would be nice...

  3. I feel mixed emotions watching my kids grow up...a little sad but ultimately privileged to share the journey